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This is my first blog post @ JFYI: I made

Whatever platforms there are now, are great. Except, there is a lock-down of your writings. The platform that you choose, essentially take your writings, packages them into something that the platform can understand for itself and hides them under its pillows, merely extending you with a corner to export them – all the while hoping, you will never need to.

What if the control is inverse?

What if all your posts are somewhere where you decide it to be? What if all these blogging sites are just a conversion layer that treats your files/writings as the primary database and generate a blog out of them?

Octopress is the only one which comes very close to this vision. There’s a tiny little problem though. It’s for hackers. It assumes we will have downright access to a text editor and git, every time we have a great idea that we need to write down – which is actually seldom right.

As for me, most of my “I bloody want to start writing now” moments happen when I am somewhere far far away from my desktop.

But wait, this is an already solved problem.

All these cloud people(Google & Zoho) have been empowering me to write down things, anywhere, on any device – which is exactly what I want now. It’s just I want these blogging softwares to understands what I put in these cloud filesystems.

That’s essentially what HexoPress is. I’m excited about what it will turn out to be.

Go ahead and start writing!